DBR Trainers

Frank Corrigan

Throughout a career spanning over 30 years as an NHS Consultant Psychiatrist in Scotland, Frank combined his extensive clinical experience with research on the neurobiology of trauma and its underpinnings in major psychiatric disorders.


His research broadly explored the intersection between affective Neuroscience and the science of healing culminating in the development of Deep Brain Reorienting (DBR)®This new and novel psychotherapeutic approach emphasises the importance of tracking a distinctive neurophysiological sequence embedded in ‘deep brain’ systems. One of the most unique aspects of DBR as a trauma-focused therapy, is the embodiment of a natural healing process that is consonant with the evolutionary process of the developing brain and nervous system.  

Jessica Christie-Sands

Jessica is a Chartered Psychologist registered with the Health and Care Professional Council (HCPC), a Chartered Scientist (CSci) and Associate Fellow of the British Psychological Society (AFBPs). She is an EMDR Europe Approved Consultant, a Certified Advanced Sensorimotor Psychotherapist and a Certified Neurosequential Practitioner in both NMT and NME.


Her current research interests lie on the interface between embryology, prenatal adversity and perinatal mental health with a particular focus on birth, impaired bonding and attachment shock. She is keen to continue and develop her own special clinical and research interests in relational neurobiology and how the imprint of our first relationship, beginning in utero, shapes our evolving capacity for intimate contact, connection and communication throughout life. She is currently working with closely with Dr Frank Corrigan on how the neural architecture of the brainstem provides a gateway into understanding the neurodevelopmental implications of early life adversity, trauma and neglect on the developing brain.

Her clinical interest in body-based approaches and the use of touch as a powerful bridge to healing early developmental trauma led her to embark on a two year training program running concurrently with Dr Steve Terrell on ‘Transforming Touch’ and Dr Aline La Pierre on ‘Neuroaffective Touch’.

Her therapeutic approach encompasses the vital connections between the mind, brain and body. She works on the interface between the neurobiology of attachment, compassionate focused practice and body-based therapeutic interventions. She believes that the primary intelligence of the body is fundamentally towards health and healing.

Andy Harkin

Andrew Harkin is a medical doctor (University College Dublin 1990) and Psychotherapist. From 1997 to 1998 he completed a two-year postgraduate training with the Sensorimotor Psychotherapy Institute in Colorado, U.S.A. For more than 5 years Andrew was a lead trainer with this organization, teaching Psychiatrists, Psychologists and Psychotherapists in the fields of trauma and attachment across the United Kingdom, Europe, North America, and Australia. This method is endorsed by world renowned specialists working in the field of trauma.


Andrew has also trained in other trauma related models such as EMDR. Additionally, he is a teacher in Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) having trained with the Centre for Mindfulness Research and Practice at the University of Bangor, North Wales.

In 2013, Andrew and his family emigrated to Western Australia to accept a Senior Therapist position in a psychiatric day hospital running a group therapy programme there for 5 years. Andrew now divides his time between providing training across Australia for Mental health clinicians in body-based approaches to Psychotherapy and a private practice in Bunbury.

He was honoured to be asked by Dr Corrigan to become a trainer in Deep Brain Reorienting a few years ago and is delighted to now be teaching DBR in person through Australasia and in Europe.

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