Participation and Confidentiality Agreement

• I acknowledge and agree that all DBR Training Materials are the exclusive intellectual property of Deep Brain Reorienting® (DBR) developer and founder ©Dr Frank Corrigan.

• I acknowledge and agree that additional Materials presented by Dr Jessica Christie-Sands are the exclusive intellectual property of ©Dr Jessica Christie-Sands.

• I shall not make any audio, video, audiovisual, or other recordings of any portion of the Trainings nor shall I duplicate, reproduce, distribute, publish, or discuss any of Dr Frank Corrigan or Dr Jessica Christie-Sands’ Materials, and confidential information contained in or related to, the Trainings.

• I agree that all personal information of any participant relayed within the Trainings is strictly and completely confidential. I shall not disclose any of this confidential information to any other person or entity under any circumstances.

• I understand and agree that essential personal data, such as name, email address and professional information are collected to establish the participants’ eligibility to attend the Training and participants may be sent further information about DBR and DBR Trainings.

• If I agree to participate in the Trainings as the subject of a demonstration, I am doing so voluntarily and at my own risk. I further understand that I am under no obligation to participate in the demonstration, that I may refuse to answer any question, and that I may pause or discontinue my participation in the demonstration at any time at my discretion.

• I understand that the primary reason for participating in and receiving the Training is educational. The programme includes practicum work and as these are training sessions rather than part of any ongoing treatment, I am responsible for choosing to work on something that is appropriate to my own therapeutic work. I will remain mindful of the material I choose to explore in the practicums and will arrange any follow-up as felt necessary.

• I accept responsibility for any risks involved in implementing content learned here. I agree to hold faultless Deep Brain Reorienting for any negative outcomes from such implementation.

• I understand that if I suffer from any health risk or am pregnant and I elect to proceed with the Trainings I do so at my own risk. If I am pregnant, I may wish to consider participating in a future training date.

• If I wish to present Deep Brain Reorienting in a public format, I hereby agree and acknowledge that I must be an approved licensee of DBR pursuant to a written license agreement. (For enquiries, please contact

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