DBR Level 3 Training, 7 and 8 June 2024

This training (all three levels) was excellent, and I have benefited personally and professionally. I look forward to future trainings and consultation. Thank you so very much!

Really fantastic training and the supplementary material is clear, engaging and informative.

I want to start by saying that the practicums are one of the best parts of the training. I think that, in general, how they were organized and supervised was excellent, and exceeds almost every other training I’ve had. The attention to implementation and processing is a joy to experience.

I believe that DBR makes healing available for a wider range of people and I’m thrilled to have this intervention available to support people along their healing journeys. Thank you.

DBR Level 1 Training, 25 and 26 May 2024
It was a fantastic training and my clients are looking forward to our using it!

DBR level 1 was best training I have attended… I truly feel this training will revolutionize my practice and help my clients in ways other trauma therapies have not.

DBR Level 2 Training, 10 and 11 May 2024
I love these DBR trainings and see this therapy as changing how I approach trauma healing.

The course was very well-paced and Frank’s presentation style allows a lot of space. I value the ‘nuts and bolts’ nature of how DBR is described and presented by Frank and Assistants. It provides a way for trauma to be engaged with in a way that makes it an ordinary part of human experience. That’s also my experience of using DBR as a psychotherapist – it takes the drama out of trauma – this is so helpful for my clients as well as for me.

DBR Level 1 Training, 12 and 13 April 2024

I feel the training was perfect for me. Going to the core of the method at once. A perfect match of theory, demonstration and practicum.

Incredible training and ground-breaking modality!

The training was excellent, I thoroughly enjoyed it. The Q&As were especially informative and the trainers were exceptional.

DBR has been incredibly transformative for me, both personally and professionally. Frank has a remarkable talent for breaking down complex concepts into easily understandable material. I eagerly anticipate the continued progress of DBR.

DBR Level 3 Training, 9 and 10 February 2024

Nearly every training I attend has *too little* content, and much time is wasted in reviewing the basics. I appreciate so much that this one picks up exactly where we left off and continues on with great depth and detail. Although I said above that the content is “too much for the time available,” I do not want less content. I want more time with the content. This is what I have been looking for for years. I think this training is nearly perfect, with the only exception that I can’t get enough of it.

DBR training has opened up so many more options for my work with clients – I can’t imagine working without it now.

Of all the trainings I have attended over the years, these were the most immediately useful as you were immersed in the science and protocols and then immediately put to use the things you had learned in the practicum and got feedback as you were utilizing the method with a client and observer. It was intense and at times almost overwhelming, but I took more away with me than I thought I would …well done team.

It was just what I need to improve my clinic work and understanding.

Excellent training. So much information to return to. I appreciate having the recording of Frank’s teaching. Thank you Frank.

DBR Level 2 Training, 9 and 10 January 2024

Really valuable and informative training, I am excited to integrate DBR into my clinical work. Very much appreciate the depth of Frank’s knowledge and expertise in sharing the neuroanatomy of trauma. Similar to other participants, I’d be really interested in further training/resources to help solidify my knowledge and understanding of the brain regions involved in trauma and DBR.

I have found this level and focus on attachment particularly useful for many of the clients that I currently work with. Frank is able to impart the information in a way that is helpful in retaining and implementation.

Thank you. This is one of the most effective therapeutic modalities I have ever come across.

I so appreciate Dr Frank’s thorough teaching and Jessica’s impeccable interventions and all the support staff. I am so deeply moved by how this is taught. Many thanks.

I will be using DBR in my practice right away. The format of the training lead to useful skills from the very outset.

Top notch. Wow!

The demos in which Frank Corrigan is the therapist provide a real forum to see DBR in action to take the understanding out of the intellectual realm and make it experiential. The supervised practicum experiences in which each participant can have the opportunity to be a therapist, a client and an observer create a safe and fascinating space to further embody the training. The personal work that is accomplished across the board is very profound.

The practicums were excellent and the demos. …Frank is really ‘on’ to something with this. Frank was informative and very clear.

DBR Level 1 Training, 3 and 4 November 2023

This was a high-quality experience in an exciting emerging discipline. I am grateful to everyone who made it possible.

Best 2 days in Therapeutic Education, I have spent in a long long time. This is incredible! 

Utterly fascinating! My experience during practicum was unlike anything ever before. The processing is truly subcortical and powerful. This is something unique and special that requires specialized knowledge to implement. Can’t wait to learn more.

Probably one of the clearest and most concise trainings I have done.

What a wonderful training. Plenty of Q&A time. I really appreciated when assistants gave feedback. One that really stuck was to look for tension around the eyes and not to confuse it with tension in the eyes / behind the eyes which is shock. Those little nuggets are important as the lecture part goes so fast. …. I … use lots of other trauma approaches but I can honestly say that DBR makes a difference and FAST. I was blown away how it had an impact on my system during the practise sessions. Thank you, Frank for developing DBR!

This work will be transformational for the clients and populations that I work with. I am looking forward to deepening the practice and taking further trainings.

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